Our partners

Our partners are associations or entrepreneurs’ networks that link us with social innovators willing to scale up but lacking some competencies to be able to do so.


Ashoka is the largest network of social entrepreneurs worldwide, with nearly 3,000 Ashoka Fellows in 70 countries putting their system changing ideas into practice on a global scale. Founded by Bill Drayton in 1980, Ashoka has provided start-up financing, professional support services, and connections to a global network across the business and social sectors, and a platform for people dedicated to changing the world. Active in France since 2006, it selects and supports innovative social entrepreneurs, the « Ashoka Fellows » to enable them to increase their impact. Its vision leads it to ease partnership between firms, social businesses and public authorities in order to create concrete innovative initiatives contributing to the resolution at large scale of social and environemental issues.

Ashoka is a natural and critical partner for Advise for Change as a large majority of our projects is conducted with members of Ashoka’s network.

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 (IM)PROVE’s mission is to scale up social innovation. Therefore, it supports social innovators in doing better, bigger and louder through social impact assessment. Since 2009, (IM)PROVE spreads social impact assessment in France as well as in developing countries through three main activities: assessment projects, trainings and Pro Bono coaching. (IM)PROVE's daily challenge: turning social impact assessment into a useful and widely used tool! (IM)PROVE teams have helped, encouraged and supported us since the beginning of Advise for Change’s adventure.

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Enfants du Mékong Entrepreneurs

Enfants du Mékong Entrepreneurs promotes and supports in South East Asia the creation and the development of ambitious projects with strong social impact and based on sustainable economic models. Enfants du Mékong Entrepreneurs’ actions are consistent with the long term and the holistic approach of its parent NGO, Enfants du Mékong. Its actions rely on three pillars: incubation, training and consulting. It currently supports several social businesses in Cambodia and in the Philippines, where Advise for Change will conduct its first projects at international level.

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