Our vision

Advise for Change is a French NGO created in 2011 by young professionals convinced that social innovators developing scalable solutions to face social or environmental challenges are key to sustainable economic growth, in both advanced and developing countries. 

In order to help these social innovators scale up their activity and increase their social or environmental impact, Advise for Change identifies their needs and links them to relevant organizations or persons that are able to bring them the right competencies.

What is a social innovator?

A small or middle-size company, a cooperative or a NGO, …

which is developing a product or a service…

that is dealing with a social or environmental issue …

in an efficient and innovative way …

is a social innovator. 

What are Advise for Change’s goal and mission?

Our goal is to coach social innovators to help them scale up their actions and increase their social or environmental impact. Advise for Change’s volunteers, partners and sponsors are offering their competencies to social actors to help them structuring their strategy on a specific issue. 

In order to reach this goal, we rely on a strong team of coaches with different backgrounds, a high level advisory board, a solid network of partners and sponsors, all of them willing to use their expertise to serve social or environmental innovation.

Advise for Change’s mission is to meet social innovators in order to:

  • identify their needs,
  • coach them
  • and link them to relevant structures or people that will help them scale up their activity and thus, increase their social or environmental impact. 

Discover our team our partners, our sponsors and our advisory board

Why did we create Advise for Change?

At the very beginning, Advise for Change is a group of friends willing to concretely share their competencies with those who are developing actual pieces of solutions to face the big challenges of this world. 

In 2011, we launched our first coaching projects thanks to Ashoka who linked us to French social innovators willing to sharing their challenges with young motivated professional coaches. 

In 2014, we are now more than 30 young professionals sharing the same values: pragmatism, empathy and open to change. We all come with several years of professional experience in different areas: finance, communications and marketing, strategy and management consulting, entrepreneurship…