20 young professionals volunteering to serve social innovation

At the very beginning, Advise for Change is a group of friends willing to concretely share their competencies with those who are developing actual pieces of solutions to face the big challenges of this world. In 2011, we launched our first coaching projects thanks to Ashoka who linked us to French social innovators willing to sharing their challenges with young motivated professional coaches. In 2014, we are now more than 30 young professionals sharing the same values: pragmatism, empathy and open to change. We all come with several years of professional experience in different areas: finance, communications and marketing, strategy and management consulting, entrepreneurship…


Age 31

Profession: Head Agriculture Debt Investments

Years of professional experience: 9         

Core competency: Corporate finance                               

Coached projects: Eole, Make Sense

Passions: Environment, people, innovation, social business


Age 29

Profession: Strategy and marketing manager

Years of professional experience: 5         

Core competency: Business development

Coached projects: L'Arche à Paris

Passions: Social business, education, dancing

Alexandre GUINET         

Age 32

Profession: Sustainable development consultant

Years of professional experience: 8         

Core competency: Business development

Coached projects: Ecolo Crèche, Dulala, Cresus 

Passions: Social Change, Innovation, To discover               

Clément JEANNIN          

Age 28 

Profession: Sustainable development consultant

Years of professional experience: 5         

Competency: Project Management & business planning

Coached projects: Niokobok, Fédéeh

Passions: Sustainable development, cultural differences, social entrepreneurship

Romain JOLY     

Age 28 

Profession: Small and middle enterprises analyst             

Years of professional experience: 5         

Competency: Start-up development                      

Coached projects: Les 7 Vents du Cotentin, Soieries du Mékong

Passions: Start-ups & innovation, business solutions against poverty, impact investing

Bertille MARCHAL          

Age 30 

Profession: Marketing Social Media & Innovation Manager

Years of professional experience: 7         

Competency: Marketing

Coached projects: Mom'atre

Passions: Digital / Innovation / Social

Amandine de MONTVALON      

Age 28 

Profession: Public affairs and strategic communications consultant          

Years of professional experience: 5

Competency: Stakeholders’ management

Coached projects: Soieries du Mékong, AHCHP

Passions: Travelling, Social innovation    


Age 29 

Profession: Pedagogic Director of the Sustainable development Master at HEC

Years of professional experience: 6         

Core competency: Social impact assesment

Coached projects: Other - support through Planète d'Entrepreneurs

Passions: Education & empowerment, "impact" entrepreneurship, sustainability                              


Age 34 

Profession: Project Manager at Cartier

Years of professional experience: 10       

Core competency: Business development                           

Coached projects: Cresus            

Passions: Improvisational theatre, Traveling, Modern painting

Mathieu JUBRE

Age 32

Profession: Marketing and Development Director

Years of professional experience: 9         

Core competency: Marketing                               

Coached projects: Seintinelles, Michamps 4B, Jumping tree

Passions: Innovation, Startups, Cinema

Vincent PICHON

Age 28

Profession: Project Manager

Years of professional experience: 6        

Core competency: Advisory               

Coached projects: Cresus, Azuri solar

Passions: Sustainability, travels

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