Our projects in Southeast Asia and Latin America

Since November 2014, Advise for Change is travelling across South East Asia and Latin America to meet social innovators. We would be happy to meet you so please contact us !

Here is a quick recap of our first steps in South East Asia (Dec 2014 - June 2015)

1st stop: Singapore (Access to energy study with the Rexel Foundation)

The above pictures are a quick snapshot of our meetings in Singapore where we had the chance to meet with representatives of Ashoka, the World Bank, Total Access to Solar, Nusantara Development initiative, Social Innovation Park and the HUB. Thanks to all!

2nd stop: Indonesia (Access to energy study with the Rexel Foundation)

A special thanks to Mr. Eskandar from Ibeka who accepted to meet us in Jakarta, as well as the Ashoka team !

3rd stop: Cambodia and 1st pro bono project: Soieries du Mékong

We had the great chance to settle down in Banteay Chmar, a rural village in the North of Cambodia to work for 6 weeks together with a social entreprise called Soieries du Mékong. We focused, one the one hand, on reviewing their production processes and the structure of their P&L (Romain) and, on the other hand, on the development of their distribution network (Amandine).

4rth stop: Myanmar (Access to energy study with the Rexel Foundation)

Across South East Asia, Myanmar is THE country where access to energy is a critical issue for most of the population. We had the great opportunity to discover the work of Proximity Design, Indigo, GERES, Total, Schneider Electric and others. 

5th stop: Vietnam (Access to energy study with the Rexel Foundation)

Thanks to great efforts from the State, Vietnam's electrical network reaches almost the whole population.  One of the big challenges there now is training electricians and engineers.

6th stop: Philippines - 2nd and 3rd pro bono projects

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