DULALA - D'une langue à l'autre

The French school system is supposed to be « unifying » around one language but its results are poor, especially for kids coming from abroad. In this context, Anna Stevanato offers educational places where bilingualism can thrive and become a success factor for kids. 

DULALA's goals are to:

  • Promote bilingualism , whatever the language, as a tool for kids integration and for the transformation of educational practices in the long run
  • Create educational and fun places for kids from 3 to 6 (a key moment in the learning process) where they can speak their other language and where their original history and culture is valued
  • Engage and value parents as key players to relay their cultural and linguistic wealth, thus supporting kids’ self-esteem and their personal & professional success
  • Train education/childcare professionals to raise awareness about bilingualism and spread its merits

AfC’s coaching consisted in:

-          Definition of DULALA’s business plan


“Advise for Change support has been extremely positive for building the business plan. The coaching of the team enabled me to analyze DULALA project with the appropriate distance and tools to define its structure. They have proven open-minded, kind and  practical: a precious help at a key step in the project. Well done and thanks again !”

Anna STEVANATO – Dulala – Founder and director